October 2011 - Introducing a new range of miniature hexagon templates:


1cm (each side 0.5cm),      1/4" (each side 1/4"),       2cm (each side 1cm),

a long hexagon size 7/16" x 1"   -  see   "Buy Hexagon Templates"



The 1/4" hexagons are particularly challenging to work with.  I have made some observations below:
  • Be in the "right" mood for fiddly work.
  • Prepare your chosen fabrics for at least 20 - 30 hexagons.
  • Save time by pressing, then concertina fabric and cut ready. See image below.
  • Essential to have have fine needle - I use embroidery crewel size 10 - monica brand - snippers - scissors - thread etc.
  • Have good light and comfortable seating.
  • Template is placed on fabric in above image.  Don't skimp on your seam allowance. 
  • The above fabric is chintz but was managed quite easily.
  • There is no need to keep breaking your thread once you start sewing your hexagons together - in the above instance I started in the centre and worked seven hexagons without a thread break.    The smaller your stitches the better your work.  Co-ordinate your thread to your fabric.
  • When it came to the rust colour round I used rust coloured thread.

The sewing the fabric over the first few hexagons was quite a challenge but then it suddenly became easier.....and really quite relaxing...........now I cannot wait to get back to do some more.........
Miniature patchwork templates can be purchased in Buy Browse Selection on this website or contact me for your specific requirements or if you would prefer to pay by cheque or postal order.