Hexagon Patterns designed by Jackie Wills. 

Hexagon Grid to plan your design.

Further information below the design.


April 2015

Three Red Hexagons - Miniature Patchwork Challenge by Jackie Wills.

This is a fun challenge. There is no prize. Hand sewn miniature patchwork skills required. I managed to divide the hexagon with 5cm sides into 36 pieces, can you create more? Must include three red miniature hexagons with sides of 05.cm. Contact me I will send a PDF free pattern within 48 hours.  





Below is a hexagon grid to plan your design.  Print it out and doodle on it.  See Blog about how to design hexagon patchwork quilt  Jackie Wills Blog



December 2009 

Small Hexagon Project - Ideal for cushion cover.  Christmas inspired.




Autumn Apples - October 2009 by Jackie Wills.

This is a rectangular and very adaptable design.   Extra rows of rosettes can be added each side to give extra width or pattern could be shortened rows from top and bottom.  I have demonstrated this design using only six colours.  There is absolutely no need to restrict to six colours.  Use small quantities of cherished fabrics but do keep the pattern balanced - for example if you decide to change the top and bottom centre green rosettes - do make them both the same.   Also suggest "white" hexagons are kept to a neutral light colour and "black" as a dark contrast.

Approx number of hexagons  -  1470

Approx Size guide: 

Using 8cm hexagons (point to point across the centre)   208cm x 294cm

Using 6cm hexagons (point to point across the centre)  156cm x 218cm

Using 5cm hexagons (point to point across the centre)  130cm x 180cm

Using 4cm hexagons (point to point across the centre)   104cm 147cm